The Power of Networking

We have all heard the saying "No Man is an Island". Any person running a successful business Knows the power of a strong Network. This blog is dedicated to just a few people I have crossed paths with and have come to recognize as reliable and knowledgable in their skill. I want to share them with you. In my small business, quality, integrity and dependability are key. I learned this very quickly entering the world of high tech in the bay area writing technical component specifications in our Engineering organization and then moving on to selling our computer systems to Apple computer in their Engineering development  group. Trust me when I say, engineers are MOST leery of a sales person. Lucky for me, with a strong network and creative approaches the mission of a team helped them accomplish their  goal (and mine).  These Art professionals listed  have helped me to grow in my field as they continue to expand theirs.

The Bronze Fairy Sculpture looks like she frets... as she wonders where to find the  answer to her dilemma. She NEEDS a strong Network!!!!

The Bronze Fairy Sculpture looks like she frets... as she wonders where to find the  answer to her dilemma. She NEEDS a strong Network!!!!

NETWORKING. The key word to any successful endeavor and since devoting my time to my art business full time, it WOULD NOT BE POSSIBLE without sharing with you some of some wonderful ponds of knowledge - both in the Art world and in Business trends.

Education is ongoing and I am Believer in Networking, sharing and exchanging ideas. The order is not relative.  See if there is a blog or sight you can benefit from.

1. Jason, an artist and owner of a large gallery in Arizona gets to the details of the topic at hand. It may be shipping rates, insurance costs or negotiating. I like that he also shows a Q&A  after the blog.  This experienced and successful man is open and willing to share the details without holding back.

2. Leslie Saeta is a force of talent. She is an artist from Pasadena, who teaches, sells and markets art.  She is also a consultant and offers a wonderful show each week, AHA, (Artists Helping Artist).  You can sign up for the email and preview the topic.  It is always a lively and useful show with guests varied talents and idea's. If you miss a show, Leslie is quite organized and all shows are archived.  

3. - Filomena is one artist who was a guest on Leslie's show. A retired art school teacher, her long career in painting abstracts and selling on-line was not a new concept, yet Filomena had it perfected for many years and vendors. She teaches, blogs and writes a newsletter.

4. Alyson Stanfield, better known at Art Biz Coach is filled with endless creative Marketing tips for Artist.  She runs classes and a Bootcamp from her home town of Golden, Colorado.  Her show's are always interesting and her testimonials are truly loud shout out of success.  I have yet to go.  For now, I have to be satisfied with her shows, blogs and even met her last year at an art event and was a pleasure.  Check Alyson's show out for info. sharing.

5.  Gwen is  a most talented award winning artist who lives in Taos.  Her awards are too long to mention.  I consider her a  true creative.  From July through the Fall Gwen will teach some sensual courses on bringing the "shine" to your work. So much of the workshop is spent in self examination and discussion as to why we paint.  What is the meaning of our work?  Gwen is more than an artist. She is a philosopher and a coach.  Her students are experienced and you will learn much from the crowd she draws from around the globe.

6. The blog from Oil Painters of America is short, intelligent and if often a great discovery in topic.  Additionally, since I am not a portrait artist, it is my opportunity to admire the gifts and talents of those who are in OPA. They will also offer fun paint outs in different parts of the country if you enjoy painting in the natural environment. I love plein air painting and often meet some great professionals at these events.

When it comes to Networking:  WE could include: framer, designers, art stores, galleries, etc the list could go on:  but now:  Share with me some  of YOUR go to Networking and favorite share people and groups.

Sprint Collage (PICMONKEY), oil abstracts

Sprint Collage (PICMONKEY), oil abstracts