It is not surprising I came to be a career artist nearly twenty years ago. I was the eldest of five, and come from humble beginnings. My mother was a talented and creative musician, seamstress and silversmith designer; through our relationship I realized that her joy of life was mine to own creatively as well. It was my 64 pack of Crayola crayons at the return to school that was the thrill of my grade school years, more exciting than even holiday time. Through the college years, it was sewing, designing my patterns, combining remnants and drawing that delivered a rewarding and classic look. Texture, fabric, color, and shapes were the elements of the designs I drew continually. During my career in the corporate world as a Technical Writer, then later Computer Sales for Apple's Engineering, it was a personal joy and achievement to buy homes to turn around and sell after I made them beautifully modern, bright and with a vision that was profitable.

My other creative endeavors  include painting classes at Spruill Art Center, Roswell, GA and Gibbs Art School in Charleston, S.C. While my B.A. is in Advertising / Layout and Design with a minor in Photography, it is a curiosity to learn and explore that keeps the creative vibe going. I used to paint representationally, and adored plein air with oils because nothing is better than being outside in this beautiful world of nature. Traveling, art museums and moving has exposed me to several parts of the country and world but my love is to paint the colors of sea, lakes and reflections. Education is wonderfully ongoing.

Currently, I work in the non-objective area work. I bring my experiences to the studio without reference material and work from the heart. I guess it is Abstract, yet to me it is a mosaic of the simple beauty and emotion of remembrances or an experience. It could be as simple as being grateful. Yet, working with oil, wax, palette knife, acrylics, I have found my Voice in painting. 

As an artist my work is to bring peace and harmony. 
— vpm